Nieuws - 29 september 2011


Popronde throughout city centre on 6 October

The Dutch pop music tour Popronde is just like tapas. Once you have enjoyed such a diverse range of musical styles in just one evening, it takes less courage to sample something exotic once in a while.
Thirty up-and-coming bands of all descriptions will be playing on 6 October at 16 locations around Wageningen city centre. So it will be even busier than it is on a normal Thursday evening, with groups roaming from one café to another. At eight o'clock, Fata ‘el Moustache' Morgana will launch the evening at De Zaaier café. From 12 midnight, the afterparty will get off the ground in Het Gat, with all sorts of danceable indie and electro.
‘We really looked for bands that were innovative in terms of quality, not just the ones with the catchiest hit numbers', says organizer Mart Schellekens. So it should be a great evening for anyone looking for the big new sound. What is Schellekens himself going to see? First LUIK, with their dreamy abstract pop laced with morbid texts. Then the Dutch-language Staatseinde, who sing pop ‘in a very strange way'. And lastly, Are you a lion, a band which manages to serve up classic rock in modern packaging.
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