Nieuws - 21 oktober 2010

‘Culprits often feel remorse’

Who? Nynke Douma
What? Former student of International Development studies
Why? Interviewed men who had raped women and children in the Congo, for the prizewinning documentary Weapon of War. Spoke on the subject at the screening of the film in the Leeuwenborch.

The events in the Congo were horrific. Why do you want to give these criminals a voice?
'The rapists' stories give an insight into the causes of the terrible sexual violence and can also contribute to finding a sustainable solution for this problem. Congolese rebels and soldiers explain why they committed rape. Drug use, superstition and war strategy all play a part in this.'
How did you get involved with this project?
'I've been working in the Congo for years and so I know the country and the language well. That's why the twins Ilse and Femke van Velzen asked me if I could help them make the film.'
You talk to people who have the most horrific crimes on their conscience. Is that difficult?
'Of course it can be tough. But you also realise that they are people, scarred by the war violence and the horrors they have committed. The culprits often feel remorse, and most of them want to tell their story.'