Nieuws - 30 september 2004

Cuddly animals

Extending the Animal Sciences degree programme to include companion animals seems to be bearing fruits.

Many first year students have chosen this specialisation. Top of the list are fish, horses and companion animals. Chickens and pigs are hardly mentioned at all. Animal Sciences has seen a sharp rise in student enrolments in the last few years. In September 2002 there were 36 enrolments for the BSc course; this year the figure had doubled. There has also been an increase in the numbers for whom the BSc is the first choice. In 2002 nearly half of the new undergraduates were veterinary science rejects. This year the figure has fallen to a third. According to Dr Ab Groen, head of education at the Animal Sciences Group, the results are an indication of the success of broadening the content of the courses on offer. / GvM