News - September 16, 2004


Last Friday looked like being the last fine day of summer, so it was now or never. Indian PhD student Ganesan Palaniswamy finally introduced his colleagues at the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry to the Indian national sport, cricket. In the late afternoon sun on the grass between the education building and the Biotechnion they played a couple of wickets, armed with a bat, four stumps and a tennis ball. ‘It’s less hard than a cricket ball,’ explained Palaniswamy. The research assistants, who freely admitted that they are less sporty than their colleagues from ‘fysko’ (physical chemistry and colloid science, ed.) who occasionally play football, clearly found hitting and throwing the ball a challenge. By the end of the afternoon the sweat was dripping off the brows of many, but everyone agreed it was fun to try the game out. The season starts again next year in May, and then Palaniswamy will be able to rejoin his team-mates at the Wageningen cricket club. / YdH