Nieuws - 22 augustus 2011

Crazy 88: Man-made letters

'I almost couldn't get into the city, with all those students', twitters Professor Olaf van Kooten. 'It looks like an invasion!' Last Saturday was the Crazy 88, one of the programmes during the introduction days. First year students had to carry out as many crazy assignments as possible. That led to small groups criss-crossing Wageningen's city centre.

The freshies went out of their way too for Resource. They lay on the ground and used their bodies to form as long a word as possible within two minutes.
The longest word was 'introduction day' in Dutch; the second longest, 'station stop', also in Dutch. A few groups invented new words, of which 'Annontx' seemed to be the prettiest.
All photos will be featured on this site within a few days.
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