Nieuws - 7 februari 2013

Cool shit at Impulse - at last

Who? Popcultuur Wageningen What? Live music with OIIO, Koschka and Wolves Dressed in Sheep Where? Impulse, building 115 on campus When? 21 February en 21 March Costs? Free How? See:

At its formal opening Impulse did not yet look convincingly like a meeting place for the whole academic community. Plenty of big shots and business people but no students and no draft beer. Popcultuur Wageningen hopes to redress the balance. On 21 February and 21 March, they are holding two trial concerts. Don't worry, they will do something about the corporate aura of the place, says organizer Marjanne Zander. At previous concerts Popcultuur succeeded in turning the rather bare BBLTHK (the town library) into an intimate living room, with the help of soft lighting and Persian carpets.
It promises to be interesting musically, too. On 21 February, good old OIIO are playing. They played their acoustic Indie folk to a full and enthusiastic house in the BBLTHK in September 2011. Zander most looks forward to Koschka, a pianist who is lit as she plays by an artist with a projector. If it's a success, such performances will be organized at Impulse 'a couple of times a year'. And although she still cannot promise anything, there should be no problem getting a beer, draft or otherwise.