Nieuws - 8 februari 2007

Cooks do dishes in the bathroom at Zeezicht

The volunteers at Zeezicht will soon no longer have to go up- and downstairs balancing plates of food. In March the new kitchen in the back of Café De Overkant will be ready, and the student-run organic vegetarian restaurant will open more often.

For many years Zeezicht was an alternative restaurant hidden away in an alley off the Bevrijdingsstraat. After problems with fire safety and renovation plans for the building, the restaurant moved nine months ago to Café De Overkant in the same street. The café is also run by volunteers. The hardcore members of Zeezicht moved in above the café, and started serving food downstairs. ‘It means we now have more privacy,’ says Zeezicht inhabitant Joost Bakker. But it’s just as much fun. ‘It’s livelier here, as we’re right on the street.’

At the moment they are still cooking upstairs, in their own small kitchen. On Friday evenings, the only evening when they serve a meal, the bathroom is used for washing up. ‘Soon we’ll have a real kitchen downstairs with a dishwasher,’ tells Anne Rietveld. The student of International Development studies is enjoying life in De Overkant. ‘We get to see more people here.’

Niels Kloppenburg, studying Landscape Architecture, can hardly wait to start using the big oven. ‘It’s really difficult, using our big pans on an ordinary cooker.’

Lack of space means that at present Zeezicht only serves a simple meal on Friday evenings instead of the usual three-course meal. ‘We wanted to offer something,’ says Anne. ‘We also work on request. Yesterday someone celebrated their graduation here, and we’re open on Valentines Day.’

When the new kitchen is ready Zeezicht will probably also be open on Thursdays and Saturdays. / Yvonne de Hilster