Organisatie - 23 november 2015

Consent on CAO for DLO employees

Rob Ramaker

Wageningen UR and the unions have consented on a new collective labour agreement (CAO) for DLO employees. With a pay raise of 1,5 percent, of which the first increase will take place on the 1st of January 2016.

Photo: the unions were campaigning using postcards for a better CAO for DLO employees.

In December the employees will also receive a one-time benefit of 1,5 percent of their annual salary. Furthermore, agreements were made on ending ‘quiet’ mini-reorganizations and increasing the retirement age.

The agreement does contain an element of uncertainty. The second half – a pay rise in October 2016 – will only take place when Wageningen UR and the unions have agreed before the 1st of July on how the unemployment arrangements can be ‘repaired’. Due to a legislative change the maximum amount of time for unemployment payment will be reduced from 3 to 2 years. The unions want to hold on to the longer duration. The parties will see in a ‘study’ how this can be put into practice.

It was hard work and I am glad it is over.
Rob van Baalen, chief negotiator on behalf of FNV government.

Rob van Baalen, chief negotiator on behalf of FNV government, is confident that everything will be alright. ‘We have agreed on the main lines, this is about filling in the technical details.’ The current agreement creates time for this, while the pay raise can already take place. In the case that no agreement is made, then the second pay raise is out of the picture. In that case the CAO will also end on the 1st of July 2016 instead of the 1st of April 2017.

The board of directors is happy that a consent was finally made, spokesman Simon Vink shares. An earlier agreement was rejected by the trade union. All in all, it took more than two years to negotiate this new CAO. ‘This agreement contains a nice pay raise of 1,5 percent’, Vink says, ‘which was high time.’ Also Van Baalen is satisfied with the result. He thinks that the offer is a lot better than the one that was being created before the summer. ‘It was hard work and I am glad it is over.’

The unions will present the agreement to their supporters. The deadline on whether it will be accepted is on the 30th of November.

Reacties 1

  • Naam vind ik niet nodig

    Hoe zat het nou een jaar geleden, toen de achterban 1,9 procent niet genoeg vond? Was dat in 1 keer 1,9 procent erbij? Nu komt er met terugwerkende kracht vanaf 1 januari 2015 1,5 procent bij (en in oktober 2016 mogelijk weer 1,5 procent). De deal lijkt me prima, maar hij is niet beter dan een jaar geleden. Als er in november 2014 een loonsverhoging was geweest, dan zou er in oktober 2016 ongetwijfeld ook wel weer wat bij gekomen zijn.

    Maar goed. Ik klaag niet over de 1,5 procent extra over heel 2015. Dankjewel onderhandelaars.