Nieuws - 26 mei 2010


'Nothing is concrete yet', the strategically positioned loudspeakers relay the message.

In the distance, a balding man is gesturing behind a microphone. For a moment, I imagine that I am in the Amsterdam Arena, but the grey concrete of the platforms pulls my thoughts back to reality: it's the small stadium on the Wageningen Hill. Some of the concrete tiles have cracks, out of which young grass is growing. Signs of transience or new life?
All around me are banners with texts such as 'Larenstein Estate is ours' and 'English is a disease'. It has been a long time since the stadium was this full. Nostalgia fills me as I recall the year 1974 when Wageningen drew 1-1 against Vitesse to clinch a place in the first division. Like those days, the mood is charged with emotion. This gathering has been well prepared for. All researchers, employees and students have been rallied to attend. The Executive Board kicks off the event with an informative speech. 'It's better to do what we are good in', relay the loudspeakers. These words set me thinking. It was clearer in the past. Wageningen was agriculture. And what is it now? What profile distinguishes us from others? A little later, the task force of the City of Life Sciences is proclaimed, and then came the chair numbers of those who are part of it.
I was jolted into wakefulness, and sat upright in bed. My blanket has slid off and the mattress cover has been pulled loose. Small droplets of sweat trickle down my back. I'm going to leave untouched the bottle of Caol Ila single malt this evening.