News - September 13, 2007

Computechnion without computers

At university complex De Dreijen there will be no public computers after 16 October. Students who do not have their own laptop and want to use a computer will have to cycle to Leeuwenborch or Forum. The information can be found in a sober pamphlet in the Computechnion.
At first the idea was that the public computers in the Computechnion would move together with all BSc students to Forum. However, due to lack of space in Forum, many lectures are still given at De Dreijen. Hassan, a Biotechnology MSc student from Kenya is one of the students who still has regular lectures in De Dreijen. He goes to the Computechnion every day even if it’s only to work on his thesis or check his e-mail. ‘I don’t see myself cycling to Leeuwenborch or Forum. It’ll take up half my lunch break.’
The matter concerns eighteen computers which are used for about six hours a day. Nobody can say exactly why they are all about to disappear. ‘It’s extremely annoying and I cannot deny that I’ve had many complaints,’ says Ton de Vries, an ICT worker in the Computechnion.
The Student Council has been informed. Chairman Frederic Linardon: ‘If this is really going to happen it will cause problems for students. Surely this is not the intention.’ The council will discuss the problem soon and if necessary put it on the agenda for a meeting with the Executive Board.
If necessary, Isabella, a Food and Health student, is prepared to chain herself to the Computechnion to stop the move. ‘I ask you, what is a Computechnion without computers?’