News - April 29, 2010

Compulsory move for Born-Zuid tennis club

Gravel courts are to make way for new buildings. Financial contribution will cover extra costs.

Tennis court De Born Zuid. Only for members...
As of August, the Born-Zuid tennis club will no longer be able to use the tennis courts between Rikilt and the star-shaped block of flats on the Bornsesteeg road. The tennis club's gravel courts for the use of Wageningen UR staff will make way for new accommodation for Facilities & Services. The tennis club's committee was informed of this last January. Its members will be able to use the De Bongerd University Sports Centre (USB) from April 2011.
Members and their family have been able to use the gravel courts, on the site of DLO's former flax threshing floor, since the sixties.  It was then that the club and DLO joined forces to pay for the construction of the three tennis courts. 'The club now has around 150 members. Some of the original founding members are still active', says Leonard Pricken, chairman of Born-Zuid. 'We are hoping that we will be able to continue playing tennis until August or September. We don't have to leave until they actually start digging.'
'Born-Zuid's relocation to USB marks the end of an era', says Ronald Uyleman, one of the club's committee members. 'We are really sad about the fact that we have to move. This is a unique location in Wageningen. It is so relaxing playing tennis when all you can hear is birdsong.'
Club members without a sport pass will be getting a financial contribution to cover the extra costs of using the USB facilities. The contribution for the tennis club is currently thirty five euros.