Nieuws - 8 december 2005


Not only AIOs who started after August 2005 are now entitled to an extension of their contract if they become pregnant or need to take extended sick leave during a PhD study. From now on the compensation rules apply to all AIOs. The universities reached a labour agreement with the unions in September, in which it was agreed that PhD students would receive total compensation for the time lost on PhD research as a result of pregnancy or long-term sickness. It was not clear then whether this would also apply to AIOs who had started before this date. The matter has now been cleared up, and all AIOs are entitled to compensation. Niels Olieman of Promové, the group that represents AIOs in Wageningen, is relieved. ‘We started a year ago, and we’re glad we’ve now reached agreement. We would have liked the agreement to include parental leave as well, though.’ Promové will take this matter up again with the executive board. / JH