Organisatie - 13 februari 2014

Comparing coffees

Roelof Kleis

Last Tuesday, around 140 colleagues popped in to the Restaurant of the Future for coffee. To be precise, to taste the coffee. To be precise, to taste the coffee. The exercise is part of the tender process for the coffee that will be coming out of the campus vending machines over the next few years.

Which is a seriously important task because decent coffee could well be the decisive factor in your performance as you sit at your desk or in the lecture hall. So nothing is being left to chance in this tender. In fact, this is the second time a tasting panel has done a test. The first attempt last year, to find a successor to Douwe Egberts, came to nothing as the quality was too poor.

This time the procedure is dif­ferent, explains project manager Pim Marcusse (Facilities and Ser­vices). In the sensory test, a new supplier is being compared with the current supplier, Douwe Egberts. The unknown bidder, who came out top in the preliminary round, has provided two different flavours for testing. The bidder wins if its drinks are better or the same as the coffee and cappuccino on offer at the moment in the office vending machines.


Incidentally, the taste panel members were not informed of this setup. They were given three different cups of coffee or cappuccino, which they had to evaluate in terms of appearance, aroma, taste and overall quality. Exciting! The results will be announced soon.  



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  • Douwe E.

    komt er koffie uit die automaten die overal staan? nooit geweten