Organisation - December 10, 2015

Commuting survey

Roelof Kleis

How sustainable is the way we commute to work or to class? A new survey aims at showing whether our ecological footprint is keeping up with the times.

The last study of our commuting habits, in 2012, showed that as many as 57 percent of staff come to work by bike. But one in three came by car. The proportion of cyclists is likely to be higher among students, but they were not included in the study. This time they are. Last week in the Forum, Orion and Leeuwenborch 853 students were questioned about their means of transport.

In the next couple of weeks it will be the turn of the staff. They will be invited to fill in a questionnaire online. Erna Maters, policy officer for corporate social responsibility at Facilities & Services, hopes for at least 1250 responses.

The survey of 2012 urgently needs an update, says Maters. ‘We now have a bus line that crosses the campus and a lot more people have started using e-bikes.’ One of the conclusions of the previous study was that there was a need for more charging points for such bikes. And these have now been put in place.