Nieuws - 3 november 2011

Cold in your living room

‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Bobby Baxter. Death...'

Actor Thomas Dudkiewicz intones slowly and then leaves a pause. His large, cold eyes under his back-combed hair stare into the room. ... ‘has its way of setting one's priorities straight.' The corners of his mouth briefly betray a sardonic smile. What starts off as a romantic love story degenerates into a brutal murder. It starts to feel several degrees colder. Thomas Dudkiewicz conceived the scary, tightly worded monologues about the unprincipled killer Bobby Baxter during his degree course at the Maastricht Theatre School.
This is one of the ten performances in the Wageningen student room theatre festival, Roomservice, on Thursday 10 November in the centre of Wageningen. Bobby Baxter is in English, as is Double Dutch Comedy by the Groen Brothers, who are known for their parody clips on YouTube. There is also Art with a capital A, for example a dance duet by Dansstorm Oost and Dutch-language songs by Grand Prix winner Eefje de Visser. ® AB