News - January 6, 2010


Eight o'clock in the morning. With sleepy eyes, I make an effort in front of a computer at VHL in Velp. For the first time after more than half a year. Nothing good about this, mind you; I just didn't finish my work last year. The only good resolution is to drink a little less coffee.

Moreover, I'm also a post-resolution type, concerning the things which I had set out to do in 2009 which didn't get done: send Christmas cards, finish a report, and so on. It would have been best had I worked on my laptop on New Year's Eve, but that was not fitting somehow. I wouldn't have been able to complete the work anyway. So I find myself in 2010 A.D., with my work from the year before.
At the same time, the New Year gives me an empty feeling. I haven't done anything yet. For example, I'm a pseudo-fanatic bird hobbyist who hopes to have a few species to my credit each year - I refrain from calling myself a real fanatic since I would not, say, go to Texel in search of an Arctic Warbler; I actually don't even know how such a creature looks like. It's not just my bird list that's empty; I haven't learnt anything or done anything good. Oh well, on the other hand, the New Year is still pretty flawless. No forgotten emails, no stupid remarks, nothing yet.
Today - no coffee as well - my day should remain flawless, just extending best wishes here and there. 'And a happy new year to you too; everything will surely be better than in 2009.' I bungle up with the fifth person.  'You've already wished me the best.' I look unbelievingly at him; I know for sure that I haven't seen him earlier today. A moment of silence passes by. 'Stijn, we were at the New Year's Eve celebrations together.'
The colour rises in my face gradually; 2010 has definitely begun. I search for a reply, but in vain. Nothing but a smile ensues. All right, let this be my greatest blunder of 2010. I mustn't bother about what I should have done in 2009; no need to worry about my bird list either. I should just take special care to drink a lot of coffee.