Nieuws - 12 februari 2010

Climate researchers: no wilful intent in mistakes

The IPCC should honestly admit having erred in its climate reports and publish this on its website. This view is expressed in an open letter to the Lower House by Dutch climate scientists, with Professor Rik Leemans of the Environmental Systems Analysis Group in Wageningen in the lead.

The researchers feel that the reactions to the alleged mistakes have been out of proportion, but point out that these do not take away the contention that humans have changed the climate. Above all, the researchers feel that there is no wilful intent whatsoever. The letter unveils how IPCC operated. The procedures followed have been thorough and explicit, according to Leemans and the rest, but not faultless. Leemans wants the IPCC to publish an 'erratum'.
The full text of the letter is in Dutch and can be found here.