Nieuws - 17 december 2009

Climate Debate low level


I was annoyed by the views expressed by Mr Oldenkamp in Visie in the Resource magazine of 3 December. He says that 'Wageningen scientists believe en masse that the greenhouse effect is caused by human activity'.

He also talks about a 'glorified creed' published in the journal Spil by Pavel Kabat and Pier Vellinga, whom he calls followers who lack courage. This is a strong accusation, for which Oldenkamp should provide more evidence than he comes up with in his article.
Don't get me wrong, I am all for scepticism as a good basis for science. However, the current scepticism about climate changes repeatedly seems to be no more than a smear campaign. And Mr Oldenkamp's article is a prime example of this. I wonder how closely he follows the discussions between sceptics and climate scientists. The level of these discussions is worryingly low, and can certainly not be described as scientific. The fact that Wageningen UR declines to facilitate such discussions strikes me as a logical consequence of the low level at which they are conducted.
W.J. van Hoek, Wageningen