Nieuws - 9 oktober 2008

Climate Change not yet a hit

The new Master’s program Climate Studies has not been very successful, so far. The number of students can still be counted on one hand.

Climate Studies is the extended and broadened version of the ‘old’ Master’s in Earth System Science which started in 2002. But that first version never really got off the ground, says Theo Lexmond of the Onderwijsinstituut. ‘Apparently, there was something we didn't do right. Earth system science doesn't seem to present a clear image to students.’
To gain more students, the typical science Master’s program was broadened with humanities. ‘By linking the program to the problem of climate change in society, we hope to attract more students.’
But obviously, that change hasn't had an immediate measurable effect yet. Currently, four students ‘from elsewhere’ have officially begun the new Master's program. In addition, Lexmond is expecting about four students who will continue from within their bachelor’s into the new program. Furthermore, nine students are currently taking the old Master’s in Earth System Science. The past year saw ten graduates in this discipline. That makes it one of the smaller Master’s programs at the WUR.
By the way, the new Master’s program is not yet allowed to call itself Climate Studies officially. Lexmond expects the name change not to be completed until September next year.