News - July 7, 2011

Cleaner has to leave Dijkgraaf

His involvement in the unsuccessful household waste trial has repercussions.

The cleaner for Dijkgraaf is no longer welcome in the Idealis block of student flats. Dijkgraaf residents say the man, who works for a cleaning company, was relieved of his tasks because of his role in the failure of the household waste trial last month. Idealis refuses to comment on the matter.
Students in five blocks of flats run by Idealis were asked to bring their own waste to the containers in the period April through to the end of June, in exchange for a discount on their service charges. The trial had to be terminated early at Dijkgraaf because students were throwing their waste from the balconies. Residents say that was partly out of solidarity with the cleaner, who is supposed to have said he would have his hours cut at Dijkgraaf if he was no longer fetching the household waste.
SMB Willems, the cleaning company responsible for cleaning the Idealis flats, does not wish to discuss the matter and calls it a 'labour dispute'.
The trial has now ended in all the blocks of flats. Idealis is still not sure whether residents are prepared to carry their own waste to the containers. The student accommodation provider will be investigating the issue further after the summer, possibly with a questionnaire for residents.