Nieuws - 1 september 2009

Circle J steals the show at Laarpop

The annual Laarpop concert is known for getting rising stars. This time it was Circle J’s turn for a share of the limelight. A writer’s impression of the pop festival at VHL Velp.

It’s anyone’s guess when Laarpop began. ‘Does it matter?’ remarked lecturer Chris van Vooren, a regular at the closing event of the Velp introduction week. For organizer Martijn: ‘It’s probably my sixteenth year.’ The performance in the bike shed is a roaring success. Laarpop is meant for the 160 new first years, but this time it draws a crowd of about 300 students and ex-students. It’s all organized by students who have contacted the artists via other contacts. Groups which became big names after performing at Laarpop have included Kane and BZB.
Loads of traditions
Somewhere behind the bike shed, a whole pig is being roasted. ‘That’s how we have closed the introduction week since 1967,’ says a member of the student association Quercus, while Bestov – a band made up of former VHL-personnel – plays in the background. Artist cum school technician Herman Schulte leaves the stage in high spirits. ‘We’re back after seven years. It went brilliantly, and we even performed numbers we've never rehearsed.’
Circle J
First year student Joeri reflects on the success of the event. ‘Lecturers or not, they all come up with good stuff.’ He pins his hopes on Circle J, who he has heard before in Vierlingsbeek. ‘Honestly, that woman can really sing.’ Without a doubt, Circle J steals the show with their cocktail of punk, banjo and flute – rousing half the audience to dance while the rest watch happily.
When it’s all over some of the students head for an after party organized by a student association. ‘The Quercus bus is over there and the Arbori one leaves from here,’ calls a lecturer.One more rousing encore from Circle J, and the freshers make a beeline for the coaches. Ready for their new lives. /Stijn van Gils