Student - December 27, 2017

Christmas far from home: I’ll be binge watching Star Wars

Madhura Rao

Christmas: the time that most people will celebrate with their families. However, it is not possible for everyone to be home for Christmas. Some people are abroad due to their studies and cannot make it back home to celebrate the holidays. Toshihiro Takada form Japan will be a couch potato for two weeks.

‘During the holidays I’m looking forward to binge watching Star Wars because I’m a big fan! I plan on visiting some European countries. In particular, I’m keen on visiting Düsseldorf in Germany to see the Japanese garden. I am quite curious about how the Dutch celebrate Christmas but I realised that all the Dutch students are going to go home for the holidays. Since all my Dutch friends will be away, I will probably celebrate with other international students who decide to stay here. I also intend to study about water management and learn the Dutch language. I’m even keen on learning some Spanish if I find the time.

In Japan, many people visit shrines on New Year’s Day. I will definitely miss this tradition. In fact I’m even hoping to find one around here so I can meditate by myself. Besides the traditions, I obviously miss the festive food eaten around this time. During the winter holidays, we eat Japanese thick noodles called udon and rice cakes called mochi. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to enjoy them this time. Oh, and I will also miss onsen – the Japanese hot springs!’

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