Nieuws - 27 oktober 2005

Chinese universities want Dutch students

Dutch universities have been going at it for a number of years already in China. Now top universities in China are starting a counteroffensive to get Dutch students to join their English-language master’s programmes.

The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), the Chinese equivalent of Nuffic in the Netherlands, has organised an information programme from 14 – 16 November for eighteen big Chinese universities, including the Peking University, Shanghai University and Fudan University. Delegations from the institutions also want to step relations with Dutch universities.

The University of Groningen is already in an advanced stage of cooperation: it opened a Dutch Studies Centre for Chinese students at the Fudan University this year. There are also plans for a Chinese Studies Centre in Groningen. The Dutch programme in China focuses on Dutch politics, economics, culture and history. The Chinese programme in Groningen will concentrate on modern China. / HOP, SvO