Student - January 6, 2010

Chapel cellar becomes Arboricultura clubhouse

Student society Arboricultura has found a temporary home in the cellar of the chapel at Van Hall Larenstein in Velp. The new student clubhouse opened its doors Tuesday evening.

The university of applied sciences, Van Hall Larenstein, has agreed to let Arboricultura use the cellar of the old mediatheque, formerly the chapel of the Larenstein country estate, until next August. Members of the student society were busy with renovations during the Christmas holidays. The bar is now in position, and two wooden walls and shelving have been put up. 'We are doing all that ourselves in order to save costs. We are only hiring someone in to lay down the water pipes', explains the vice-chairman Maartje Bos.
The first club evening was Tuesday evening. Only beer was still being served in bottles. They will be tapping beer again next week.
 No party
The new clubhouse will open its doors to guests on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and on Friday afternoons from three o'clock onwards. The clubhouse used to be open on Sunday evenings as well but the university site is closed off at weekends.  Capacity is another restricting factor. 'The fire service has ruled that we can't have more than 50 people in this room', says Maartje Bos. That means no opening party.
Parties like the ones to mark the start and end of this period will have to be held elsewhere, possibly in the small gym hall in the old building on the country estate. Meanwhile the student society is continuing its search for a permanent location. 'Up to now we have only found places that are too expensive for our budget or are unsuitable because of the layout', explains the vice-chairman.