News - April 29, 2010

Changes to Resource magazine

Resource has made some changes as from this week, with more space in the magazine for student announcements, and Joop Schaminée as our new columnist.

The new Resource
After our major restyling back in the summer, both our readers and our editors still had some suggestions for improvements.  Starting with this week's issue (Resource 18 of April 29) we are trying to fulfil their wishes. One change is that columnist Marelle Boersma hands on the baton to plant ecologist Joop SchaminĂ©e , professor in Nijmegen and Wageningen, and working as vegetation expert at Alterra.
Liefdewerk can now be found on page 2, unless advertising space has been booked there - as happened this week. Letters will be on page 11.
The student pages begin with a double page spread so that we can offer longer stories. And the feature Out and About, about students' experiences in the wide world, is making a comeback after a period of only being on the website. It will be on page 28.  
Disappearing: the cookery column and the readers' photos from the online 'prikbord'. The Go/No Go diary shares a page with student announcements, and on the back page you will find Typical Dutch, the feature in which foreign students and staff write about their experiences of Dutch culture.
Finally: due to the Ascension Day holiday in two weeks' time, the next number will come out on Monday 17 May.