Nieuws - 1 december 2005

Ceres on the rise

Student association Ceres is having a good year. With 67 new members, membership numbers have not been so high in years. KSV is threatened with a surplus of women, and the evangelical Navigators have had to turn away students from Ede.

The much talked about pressure of study does not seem to be seriously undermining the Wageningen student associations. After a rise last year, the total number of students who belong to a student association remained the same this year, according to the yearly survey of the nine student social clubs. Growth levels were also stable.

Ceres has had a clear rise in new members compared with previous years. KSV Sint Franciscus Xaverius has almost sixty new members, equalling the figures for last year. There is a surplus of women this year however.

With almost three hundred members, Ceres is now the biggest club, although Unitas, KSV, SSR-W and Argo are not far behind. All these associations have between 280 and 300 members. Unitas has been using ‘volunteers contracts’ since last year to increase the numbers of active members. This has helped to reverse the decline in new members.

The size of the religious associations has remained stable in comparison with last year (276 members in total). The evangelical Navigators (NSW) is popular and even had to turn away college students from Ede to maintain the club’s university student name. ‘Apparently our mission to help people to get to know Christ better appeals,’ Joanne from NSW gives as the reason for the growth. Ichtus is still the biggest religious association with 82 members.

Despite the fact that there are enough members, many clubs have difficulties finding enough active members to sit on the board or to organise activities. The WSO organised a workshop on ‘volunteer policy’ last week to help the issue. / YdH