Nieuws - 31 mei 2011

Ceres members descend upon KSV (update)

A Ceres delegation swept into the KSV student society last evening. The group had gone to make a claim because KSV had apparently stolen a painting of the goddess of Ceres from the premises at Generaal Foulkesweg on Saturday night. Fifteen police agents were sent to the Cantil building at Stadsbrink to break up the brawl between the rivals.

KSV members with the painting of Ceres
According to a Ceres member, the arrival of the police was unnecessary. 'The attack was a typical student act, just a show of our muscles.' He says there were no fights, but just friendly student tussles. The comment from the police was laconic: 'We received a call and so we showed up. In fact, we were not needed.' Most of the Ceres members left on their own accord, although a few had to be sent packing by the firm hand of the law.
According to Richard Klink, president of KSV, the theft of the painting was a spontaneous act. 'The four members involved were walking past the premises of Ceres and saw its emergency door standing open. They just took advantage of the situation.'
Photos are being circulated on internet of KSV members posing with the painting in the Spanish town of Javier, the birthplace of Sint Franciscus Xaverius. 'A good typical student prank', Richard adds.
Five Ceres members have gone to the town in the north of Spain to get the painting back, says Emke van Wijlen, president of Ceres. Meanwhile, they are on the way back. 'The painting does not belong to the Senate, but to the members. They want to get it back themselves. But we the management of course are pleased that the painting will be safely back soon.'  The Ceres president suspects that the KSV members had broken into the premises.
According to, it is written in the moral code of Ceres that its management has to step down if the painting is not returned within 24 hours. Emke firmly denies the existence of this code. 'If it were true, I would have travelled to Spain myself and taken a vacation as well.'