News - September 23, 2010

Carboot Chinese: 6

I am: at the Radix carpark on the Wageningen campus, where ‘carboot Chinese takeaways’ serve bean sprouts, black bean sauce, sweet ’n sour chicken and dubious little packets of sambal. Competition is cutthroat. On my left is the Mazda from Eastern Express, with WUR staff swarming around it. It’s quieter on my right around the baby blue Citroën from New China. With my natural leaning towards the underdog, I take a look – and a bite – at the latter.

I eat: menu 1 (of three), which is chicken fillet in black bean sauce, braised pork with potatoes and a box of fried noodles. With sambal (a hot chutney) of course. Two boxes, no plate: how am I going to eat this at my little table in the Forum?
I taste: not a stunning Chinese lunch that leaves me wanting more. The tastes are a bit disappointing in fact. The chicken in black bean sauce is very bland, consisting of tasteless strips of unidentifiable origin. The pork is good, but the garnish of insipid glass noodles and overcooked cucumber don't do much for it. The combination of potatoes and plain and fried noodles is too much of a good thing anyway.
I am: given a very friendly welcome, which along with the tasty pork is the second plus point for this New China experience.
I think: three euros fifty is not much to pay for so much lunch: you can certainly eat your fill. Perhaps I just chose the wrong menu - a risk that comes with the job. No more Citro├źn for me: next time I'll try the Mazda, or whatever else the carpark has to offer.
Score: 6