Nieuws - 17 mei 2010

Car boot Chinese takeaway: 7+

Campus cuisine: Part 1 of our new series about food on a shoestring

I am at: the car park in front of Radix. Buying something from the car boot of a black Mazda is not something you do every day. It's possible, though, outside the Forum. During lunchtime every working day, the Eastern Express plies its trade from a car boot. There is an obvious lack of tables and stools, but the big flight of sunny stairs in front of the Forum makes everything right.
I eat: pork ribs with white rice, the only food left on the rear plank of the car at a quarter to one. Tofu, pork ribs, stir-fried cabbage with pieces of carrots sticking out miserably here and there, and the well-known white sticky rice. No frills, and you only get one spoon as cutlery.
I taste: a surprisingly delicious packed Chinese meal. More authentic than the standard Chinese takeaway fare such as babi pangang. But every morsel of meat also means spitting out a gnawed piece of bone. This is something that not everyone likes to do; it isn't a pretty sight either.
I pay: 2.50 Euros for a sizeable portion, but that's what we expect from the Chinese anyway.
I was treated: in a friendly way. The limited choice at a quarter to one doesn't testify to good stock management, though.
I find: the boot of a Mazda a good place to obtain a cheap packed Chinese meal. Provided that the sun is shining and you can choose what you like.
Score: 7+