News - September 10, 2010

Car boot Chinese food shows up again outdoors

The sale of Chinese food by Eastern Express in the Forum canteen ended after three days. Opinions differ as to the reasons why.

'They didn't meet the health requirements', explains spokesperson Debbie Kielstra of Albron. 'I can't bear such risks. We would be held responsible.' Kielstra says that they are concerned specifically about the temperature of the food. 'The food was not hot enough. They were given three days to do better, for example by using chaffing dishes. But they refused to.' Albron broke off the arrangement subsequently.
Fewer customers
However, Eastern Express owner L. Liu says that the temperature was not the main reason for his leaving. Liu had considerably fewer customers inside the Forum than outside, his spokesperson cum interpreter says. 'The Chinese students from the surrounding buildings had to make their way to the first floor in the Forum. That was troublesome. The same applied to Liu. He had much more work than at the distribution point on the street. Moreover, the space in the canteen was not enough.'
Eastern Express was given a small area next to the window in the corner of the canteen to hand out food. That arrangement brought an end to the car boot sale in front of the Radix building, where Eastern Express had stationed itself at lunchtime for quite a while selling helpings of Chinese food cheaply. Much to the chagrin of Wageningen UR, as it is now apparent. Kielstra: 'Wageningen UR was not pleased with the roadside sale. We were then asked to do something about Eastern Express.' Albron then offered it free space in its company canteen in the Forum.
Liu stresses that there has been no disagreement with Albron. 'But the distribution point in the Forum didn't make things better. I won't rule out another arrangement in the future.' Kielstra finds it a pity that the cooperation has fallen flat. 'We could have gained by attracting a different crowd here. They could have done their selling indoors in good or in bad weather.' Since yesterday, Eastern Express is to be found again on its trusted spot between Radix and Forum.