News - August 22, 2019

Cantus 2019: the biggest cantus in AID’s history

Cathy (Kexin) Chen

About 1,500 participants joined the cantus of the Annual Introduction Days (AID) on Tuesday the 20th of August. 'We have planned and prepared this event since the very beginning, when the AID board was elected', says Willem te Kronnie of the AID board. 'It is the biggest cantus in AID’s history.'

Singing during the cantus. © AID

A cantus is a (typically Dutch student culture) festival that evolves around singing and drinking. Students are seated along long tables, divided in teams and sing together. They have to complete certain tasks successfully and on time, otherwise they get punished by the water pistol carrying crew.

Johannes Sieben
Johannes Sieben

During the AID cantus, those who did not want to drink alcohol or were not yet of legal drinking age, were provided with alcohol-free beer. For people with allergies or intolerances there was gluten-free beer as well.

From two to one
In the previous years the cantus for bachelor students and master students were separate events. This year, the AID board brought them together in one major cantus, for all new students.

Johannes Sieben, a new student who comes from Germany, was happy to be at the cantus. ‘It is a nice event where I can experience Dutch drinking culture. I am from Munich, beer festivals are also important to us. This reminds me of German beer festivals, but with a Dutch touch. I enjoyed it.’

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