Nieuws - 15 april 2013

Campus run: scouting for the Bata

The standard was high at last week's campus run. This race is organized every year by the committee of the Wageningen University Batavieren Race team. The main aim is to spot fast runners.

And that was a success, says Elske Lenis, Thymos board and Batavieren race committee member. 'Some runners take part every year, students from Tartl├ętos. But this time we got a surprise when a boy we didn't know came in second. We immediately
asked him to run for the university.'
Last year the Wageningen team came first in the universities class of the Batavieren race. They are hoping to repeat that achievement this year. Elske: 'Groningen didn't take part last year and this year they will be there. We will now have to beat Groningen. And Nijmegen has a strong team this year too.'
The campus run was well attended. A total of 71 students took part, compared with 40 last year. 'It is not only intended to identify fast runners, but it is also a good opportunity for the other teams that take part in the Batavieren race to see how they are doing and whether they need to train harder.'