Nieuws - 27 mei 2010

Campus cuisine: Leeuwenborch

Part 2 of our new series about food on a shoestring.

The canteen of the Leeuwenborch
I am in: the cosy canteen of the Leeuwenborch. The mood is merry; sales are bustling and I have a choice of bread toasts, Dutch (frikandel) meat sausage, various types of soups, three salads and two types of buttered bread. It's not a fanciful spread, but that's probably because I am too pampered.
I eat:
a fish soup as starter, a main course with a bun stuffed with a big piece of goat cheese, fried bacon, tomato and a sprig of rocket leaf. To appease the last pangs of hunger, I added to these a small bowl of pasta salad from the salad bar and a packet of milk drink.
I taste: typical canteen food. The bun tastes fine; how can it go wrong with those delicious and fresh ingredients? But the soup and salad carry that indescribable instant flavour: soup too salty, salad with too much dressing; that's all you taste. I left half of that uneaten and departed with a chocolate muffin in my coat pocket.
I am served: by a multi-tasking canteen lady (operating two cash registers simultaneously) who maintains high spirits even though I insert my pay pass twice wrongly into the machine.
I find: that it's expensive to pay almost 7 Euros for a lunch half of which is not eaten. In an economics structure such as the Leeuwenborch, you would expect better value for money.
Score: 6