News - June 15, 2006

Campus canteen shake-up

The canteens at Alterra and Plant Research International will close at the end of August, and the canteen in the Plant Sciences Group building in the Bornsesteeg (115) is also due to close soon. Those working in De Born will have to go outside to get their lunch, where they will be able to get soup and sandwiches at a temporary stand with a tent.

The cause of the catering problems at De Born is the delay in completion of the Forum building. The canteens at Alterra and Plant Research international, along with the library at Alterra, will be converted into office space starting in September. The conversion has to go ahead as the office space is needed. The contract with the caterer has also already been cancelled. The library will move temporarily to the Imag building.

While the canteens are closed and until the new ones are ready, the temporary solution will take the form of a stand ‘like you see at a fair’, according to Annet de Haas, head of Technical and General Services at Facilities Management. ‘We’re not sure yet where it will be located. It will serve the usual soup and sandwiches. People will have to eat their lunch in their own buildings.’

The stand will not be mobile, as it has to be connected for electricity and drainage. After a few months, however, the people working in the Droevendaalsesteeg will be able to use the ‘kiosk’ in the new Atlas building, where there will be a small stand with sandwiches and a few seats. The canteen in the old Imag building, where Van Hall Larenstein will be temporarily housed, will also open again.

The canteen in building 115 is due to close soon and, until the restaurant in the Forum building opens, there will be an aluminium tent with floor, heating, kitchen and seating, serving a wide selection of ‘luxury snacks’. The canteen should have closed in June, but there are problems with the planning permission for the tent. The tent will be placed in front of building 116, on the car park and grass.

Sodexho caterers employ the personnel working in the canteens that will be closed, and most personnel will not lose their jobs. Some will transfer to the new caterer, Albron, which will soon be running all the canteens. Others will be given other jobs within Sodexho. / YdH