Student - 20 september 2012

Campus Streetview is online

Walking inside a virtual Forum, Bongerd and Leeuwenborch is what you can do since yesterday. The Streetview application for the campus is ready.


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During the last annual introduction days, hundreds of students lined up neatly on campus to make a photograph each with their cell phones. These images have now been gathered together to form a 'street view', similar to the Google version. With the Facebook application, an online tour can be made through the Forum, Leeuwenborch, Bongerd and the routes in between.
With this - according to the makers - first Student Street View, Wageningen University embraces the world of the social media. And it's doing quite well. In a way. To view the application, you are required to first 'like' it via Facebook. Not exactly no-strings-attached. However, the film on the-making-of can be viewed on Youtube.
For the time being, we haven't found any funny or obscene images. Who has?