Nieuws - 6 maart 2008

Campus Frisbee

Wageningen Campus will soon have a disc golf course. Facilities Management (FB) decided to create the Frisbee course in honour of the ninetieth birthday of the university, on Friday 7 March. ‘We want to give staff and students a way of relaxing on campus,’ says Albert Olde Daalhuis of FB.

In the park around Forum, between Bornsesteeg, Droevendaalsesteeg and Mansholtlaan, at least four Frisbee goals will be erected. These are metal baskets on a pole with chains hanging above them, which halt the disc’s flight so that it falls into the basket. The rules of the game are similar to those for golf: you count the number of throws it takes to get the Frisbee in the goal. ‘We hope the course will be ready in about a month,’ said Olde Daalhuis. The university sports centre will manage the course, but you have to provide your own Frisbees. Thymos, the sports club, sells them already, and the shop in Forum may also start to supply them. The idea for the disc golf course came from an employee at the Environmental Sciences Group. In the next few weeks, seats in the form of stones will also be placed in the park.