News - September 18, 2011

Campsite seeks campers

The temporary campsite at the Marijkeweg in Wageningen looks likely to go ahead. The initiators are looking for campers. Who is tough enough?

Campsite initiators Tom Rijntjes and Loet Rammelsberg will be holding talks with Wageningen city council on Tuesday. The plot on the Marijkeweg is council land. A great deal of preparatory work has gone on over the past week and the project is expected to get the green light. So it's time to start taking bookings. It is now possible to reserve a place by signing up at On a first-come-first-served basis, says Rijntjes.

In theory, says Rammelsberg, it should not be hard to fill up the campsite. There are still several hundred students without rooms. And the Wielerbaan campsite in Wageningen-Hoog is full. 'We have been in touch with De Wielerbaan. We have no intention of competing with them. We think there is a market that De Wielerbaan isn't catering for.'
There is room for 38 camping spaces of 8x5 metres on the former Pudoc site opposite Zodiac. A space will cost 160 euros per month, the same rate as charged by De Wielerbaan. This money will secure a guest a place, a shower and a toilet. Showers and toilets will be in mobile units. 'Depending on the income generated, we may be able to provide more facilities.' The site is available until the end of December.