Science - May 27, 2004


The Christian Student Fraction was founded in 1993. With two seats on the present council it is the smallest party represented. The CSF members refer to Christian norms and values as the basis for their work on the student council: integrity, responsibility in science and society, sustainability, transparency, carefulness, respect, well-being and honesty.

This year the CSF has the human element as its prime focus, saying it should have a central role in this university. The CSF wants students and staff to work together on building a quality university and quality education. ‘Together’ is this year’s slogan of the Christian student movement. Courses can be improved by students and teachers jointly evaluating their education. CSF is demanding a change of attitude, embodied by statements like: students should not empty the toner in printers, whether it's free or not. In addition the CSF is asking for respect for people and their culture.

According to Filipino Arnel Sanchez, number three on the CSF list, the CSF vision will attract students. “It is not only technical but touches the heart as well.” Sanchez was already a member of the student council at his university in the Philippines. He wants to represent all students, not just the international ones. One issue where Sanchez wants to see improvement is in the education evaluations: there should be opportunities for evaluation throughout the entire programme. Students have a responsibility here too: “You are not only a consumer but also a stakeholder in your education.” Sanchez and his colleagues at the CSF want to prepare students better for their role in society after their study. As they see it, this preparation should be built into the existing problem-oriented (PGO) courses. Another point Sanchez wants to address is the position of the Master’s and the Bachelor’s programmes, as he finds there is too much overlap at present.

Voting takes place electronically through on the intranet, between 27 May and 6 June. The results will be made known on June 8.

Guido van Hofwegen