Student - 6 juni 2017

CSF grabs a seat back from VeSte (video)

Linda van der Nat,Vincent Koperdraat

The Christian Student Fraction (CSF) will have two additional seats on the Student Council next year. The seat they had lost to VeSte during the previous elections is back in their hands. S&I remains stable with three seats.

© Vincent Koperdraat

Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol announced the results of the student council elections during today’s lunch break. The elections ran from 29 May to the 1st of June.

This year’s turnout was 40.84 percent. ‘A magnificent figure’, according to Rector Mol. With such numbers, the council proves its legitimacy, he says.

There are no significant shifts in the distribution of seats. VeSte has returns the seat that they had pinched from CSF. S&I remains at three seats. Joanne Rink, number two on CSF’s list, is very content with her election. ‘I still can’t fully believe it’, she commented.

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  • Correct

    This is not correct. CSF will have one additional seat, bringing the total up to two seats next year.


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    Breek het Establisment!

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      Of zoals ze in sommige landen zeggen: Allāhu akbar!

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      Haha. Niet grappig.