Nieuws - 13 oktober 2005

COR compromise

The central employees’ council (COR) is prepared to come to a compromise with the executive board on further overhead cuts. ‘Both parties agree that there have to be further reductions in overheads in the next few years. The OR wants to establish percentages that can be checked; the executive board wants to keep it more vague. But I think we will be able to find a happy medium,’ says COR president Gerrit Bruin. Once a compromise has been reached there is nothing to stop the reorganisation of the administrative departments going ahead. The COR’s aim is for reductions in overhead costs to continue at a rate of about one percent per year, but to avoid further reorganisations. A target for overhead costs as a percentage of the total budget does not have to be included in the agreement as far as the COR is concerned. The ideal size of the support services should be determined through a survey of teaching staff and researchers at Wageningen UR. / KV