Nieuws - 17 februari 2005

CO2 reductions

Worldwide CO2 emissions can be reduced by between 5 and 25 percent by planting trees on agricultural land. PhD candidate Pablo César Benítez-Ponce calculated that farmers in Ecuador would be prepared to convert from farming to forestry in return for an amount between 30 and 111 dollars per hectare. The method is interesting, as the introduction of the Kyoto Protocol will open up worldwide trade in CO2 rights. It was already known that forests work as CO2 sinks, but Benítez-Ponce has calculated what difference it would make if farmers go over from farming to forestry. That varies from 5 to 25 percent, depending on the worldwide investments in climate policy. Benítez-Ponce made a cost-benefit analysis of various sorts of land use. Highest reductions will be achieved in the humid tropics. / MW