Nieuws - 26 maart 2009


It is busy on the corner by the Forum. Would you like wokki pork, wokki chicken, or wokki beef? They are all available at the Chinese takeaway.

The Chinese takeaway service has a lot of Chinese customers, but Dutch students are in for a portion of wokkie chicken too.
Every day at the stroke of twelve noon, a black scooter with a red box full of ready meals rides onto the campus. James is quick off the mark today – he fancies the chicken meal. ‘A friend told me about this. It’s tasty, it’s conveniently near the Forum, and it’s cheap as well. A delicious complete lunch for just three euros.’ The scooter service is not new. ‘I used to stand at the Biotechnion every day’, says the vendor. ‘Now we’ve moved to the forum, because this is where there are far more regular customers, mainly international customers.’
He generally has enough for all the customers, but if it’s finished, that’s it. And anyone who wants to be sure of getting their favourite dish had better order in advance.

By about twelve thirty the red box is almost empty. One more student comes rushing up in time to get the last beef meal. Satisfied, the vendor slams down the lid of the box and scoots off again.