Nieuws - 4 december 2008


The Chinese national flag on page 12 of Resource 8 offended me. On Resource #9 page 3, I understand that more Chinese students had the same feeling. However, I am not satisfied with your explanation.
First of all, in the issue of human rights, which point of view does Resource represent? If you represent the view of Wageningen UR, then we – hundreds of Chinese students who form a big part of WUR – object. If you just represent the common Dutch view, then it should certainly not be published in the international page. Furthermore, I think it is not within the ability of Resource, to decide which country abuses human rights.
Second, you said that you might also have chosen a national flag from another country. For me, as an international student, it seems rude no matter which flag you pick. Because it is on an international page and will be read by students from many nationalities. People care about their national flag image as much as they love their motherland. No national flag will be used in this way in their own country. I believe any experienced editor should be aware of this. From this point of view, I insist that this issue has hurt the feelings of many Chinese students and Resource should apologize to them.