Nieuws - 4 december 2008


I just finished reading the article by Gaby van Caulil in Resource 9. Because it is in Dutch, it took me a lot of time to translate. Anyway, I really appreciate your words and the respect to Chinese culture and my country.
All Chinese and especially the younger generation are influenced by the American and western freedom culture, but we still deeply love our country. We feel the openness and freedom in China. As a result, especially the younger generations are very protective towards their country. They protect their parents against slander from outside. It is our patriotism! And we are very sensitive with it.
What is causing these strong feelings? Not only our culture, but also because we have a very democratic government. I think perhaps already from this attitude of the younger generations you can understand that the situation in China has really changed.
By the way, it is necessary to translate your article to English, which could let all Chinese community know the situation and also understand what opinions from the university.