Nieuws - 27 november 2008


I have just read the new Resource. On page 12, there is this headline: ‘WUR staff have the right not to work in countries where human rights are abused’. Next to these words is the national flag of my country (China). May I ask you what this is supposed to mean or imply? I think you should apologize! You must take this seriously. I hope it will not ruin the strong relationship between my Chinese organization and Wageningen UR. / Ying Li, Chinese student in Wageningen

To illustrate the article on the new Code of Conduct, we looked for a flag of a country that is known to violate human rights. We might as well have chosen Zimbabwe or the USA, but picked China as a well known example. The information about China on Amnesty International’s website includes this:‘China carries out more executions per year than the rest of the world put together, suspects are routinely tortured and 300 thousand Chinese are detained without trial in re-education camps.’ In a press release of 21 August 2008, Human Rights Watch reported: ‘The hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympics has set back the clock for the respect of human rights in the People’s Republic of China (…). Over the past year Human Rights Watch has monitored and documented extensive human rights violations directly linked to the preparation and the hosting of the Games.’ / The editorial board