News - January 25, 2005

CENTA replacing teaching materials

Contrary to the report last week in Wb, the Language Centre does still offer courses in languages other than Spanish, Dutch, French and English.

“At present we are replacing the old analogue learning methods with new teaching materials, including CDs and CD-ROMs,” explains Marjan Noordhoek, head of the Language Centre. CENTA now offers self-study courses in over twenty languages instead of the previous 36. “The number of languages on offer has declined a little because there was hardly any demand for some of the languages.” For English, Dutch, Spanish and French there are courses available at a variety of levels. There are beginners’ level self-study courses for the other languages. Generally speaking group lessons are only given for the four main languages, but if there is sufficient demand for another language then courses can be arranged, according to Noordhoek.