Nieuws - 12 maart 2009


The introduction days for new students look set to be one big party this year. At least, that’s if we can believe the theme of the days: CelebrAID.

The organizing committee for the introduction days, CAID, announced their theme at a party on Thursday 5 March. To turn the introduction days into an international party, contributing to internationalization in the process, the introduction periods for Masters and for Bachelors students will start on the same day this year. ‘It makes a big difference if the mainly international Masters students attend the same opening and follow a joint programme with the Dutch students’, says Lisanne van Kamp of the CAID.

The committee is still very busy organizing the introduction days. One of the things to be done is to book bands for the music festival. Last year rock bands performed, as the theme was ‘Rock this City’. This year the music will be festive, and the aim is to find bands that are still rising stars but have already scored some hits. The idea is to keep costs down and to have the newest of the new for the new students.