Nieuws - 5 maart 2009


Despite the low turnout, there’s a real carnival atmosphere in the Forum on Friday night on 27 February. The public is fired up by a capoeira show in which practitioners of this martial art show off their skills. Two samba dancers bring the party to an end, and enthusiastic members of the audience join them on stage to practise their own dance skills.

‘In Salvador, my home town, there are lights in the streets everywhere and lots of people dancing and walking. Of course this is not the same. But people are having fun. It really brings back the feeling’, says Saul Aflito from Brazil, who has just finished his MSc at Wageningen University. He helped to organize the carnival celebration, an initiative of the International Club. Later, the party moves on to the International Club, where feijoada, a Brazilian bean dish, and caipirinha cocktails are served. The partygoers enjoy live percussion and dance to the samba beat.