Nieuws - 16 juni 2005

CAID seeks volunteers

It is proving difficult to find enough volunteers to help with the organisation of the General Introduction Days (AID) in August. The organisers outline the problems.

‘Every year lots of people in Wageningen look forward to the AID, a week of opportunities to party, for instance during the street festival, and to promote the various student clubs during the sports day and the information market. Each year the activities are organised by faithful helpers. However, the decreasing willingness to do voluntary work is now beginning to affect the AID as well.

‘We have adopted all sorts of measures to combat the crippling shortage of volunteers: posters, weekly mails, Wb and announcements on eduweb. Unfortunately students and other people in Wageningen do not seem to find it important that the AID continues to offer an enjoyable week and to function as a flagship for Wageningen UR. At present we only have thirty percent of the number of people we need to ensure that the AID takes place successfully.

‘Unfortunately it means that we now have to dig into our pockets. We hope to attract people for Crew and Press by offering 25 euros payment per day, even though we do not like the idea that capital has to be used to get a few helping hands together in idealistic Wageningen.’ / SvO

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