News - September 22, 2005

CAID for 2006

There will be an organising committee for the introductory week (AID) next year after all. In August it looked as though there would not be enough students who were interested in helping. Sjef Moling of the 2005 committee: ‘We polled the level of interest, and during the AID lots of people did approach us saying they wanted to join the CAID. In the end we decided to look for students who are prepared to work full-time on the preparations starting in January 2006.’ Usually a CAID starts in September with the preparations for the following academic year. This year’s CAID is now looking at whether the programme for next year will need to be changed, as the new committee will start later. It is possible that the new CAID will receive help from the university or that student associations will play a bigger role. / JH